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Ancient Roman Cuisine selected by Madeinmilan

dates honeyYou have dreamed about Roman decadent parties and feasts but you do not know what was really about. Make a Roman banquet for your friends. Paired with Madeinmilan wine, Brutus, of course!

Madeinmilan wine, the contemporary Italian wine label, launches an audacious pairing for the wine Brutus: ancient Roman cuisine.

From the work of the most important cooks of the Roman Empire, Madeinmilan has selected a 5 courses banquet to astonish your friends with a true unexpected approach. They are composed of simple ingredients, yet combined in a forgotten fashion to deliver new tastes and fragrances.

To discover the menu:

With ancient Roman cuisine, what better pairing of Brutus, the Sangiovese di Romagna by Madeinmilan wine.

The name Sangiovese proves to be the perfect match: it derives from the Latin sanguis Jovis, “the blood of Jove”. It is a young, vigorous and fruity wine, gently tannic: a pleasant and easy to drink wine which can accompany a relaxed dinner or a night sipping wine with friends. It was named Brutus for its force, paying a tribute to the first revolutionary of ancient Rome who dared to rebel to Cesar’s tyranny.

Brutus offers a contemporary, yet traditional approach to wine. The great tradition of the Sangiovese grape, from which most of the Super-Tuscans come, is combined with a bright and eye-catching bottle design.

Madeinmilan proposes an evocative consumption of its wines, a suggestion for its consumers always looking for new and inspiring experiences.

Plus, it reminds people that wine is all about having a good time!

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  1. [...] Go here to see the original: Ancient Roman Cuisine selected by Madeinmilan [...]

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