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Back from the hills of Bologna, Italy

Here we come, just back from the event organized by the Consorzio Vini di Romagna (Romagna wine association) in Dozza at the Monte del Re hotel, on the hills of Bologna.
They arranged 30 buyers to come down to Italy from all over the world and 30 producers of the Romagna area – plus a few from Tuscany – to show their products.

This formula was a success, there is no other way to describe it. You could schedule up to 20-25 meetings with high-profile importers and agents and have the chance to accurately go through your whole range of products and your strategies to market them. It is so much more focused than a fair.

Not surprisingly Madeinmilan wines caught the eye of the buyers around and of some other producers.

Romeo was particularly appreciated for its structure and, despite being a sweet wine, for the light tannins.

A big thanks to Cantina Ronchi !


The Kitchn

Another post about our Roman Banquet, thank you The Kitchn!

Ancient Roman Cuisine selected by Madeinmilan

dates honeyYou have dreamed about Roman decadent parties and feasts but you do not know what was really about. Make a Roman banquet for your friends. Paired with Madeinmilan wine, Brutus, of course!

Madeinmilan wine, the contemporary Italian wine label, launches an audacious pairing for the wine Brutus: ancient Roman cuisine.

From the work of the most important cooks of the Roman Empire, Madeinmilan has selected a 5 courses banquet to astonish your friends with a true unexpected approach. They are composed of simple ingredients, yet combined in a forgotten fashion to deliver new tastes and fragrances.

To discover the menu:

With ancient Roman cuisine, what better pairing of Brutus, the Sangiovese di Romagna by Madeinmilan wine.

The name Sangiovese proves to be the perfect match: it derives from the Latin sanguis Jovis, “the blood of Jove”. It is a young, vigorous and fruity wine, gently tannic: a pleasant and easy to drink wine which can accompany a relaxed dinner or a night sipping wine with friends. It was named Brutus for its force, paying a tribute to the first revolutionary of ancient Rome who dared to rebel to Cesar’s tyranny.

Brutus offers a contemporary, yet traditional approach to wine. The great tradition of the Sangiovese grape, from which most of the Super-Tuscans come, is combined with a bright and eye-catching bottle design.

Madeinmilan proposes an evocative consumption of its wines, a suggestion for its consumers always looking for new and inspiring experiences.

Plus, it reminds people that wine is all about having a good time!

Psychedelic carrots

I am wondering if someone can recognize the sauce for these carrots. We are preparing a surprise for the Madeinmilan website, check it out next week.

psychaledic carrots


Quickly, just a big thanks to Harpers Wine & Spirits (in English – below), to Marketing del Vino (in Italian) and to gufugumu (in French, they already wrote about our campaigns here) for covering Madeinmilan over the last couple of weeks.
We appreciate it and we keep working on making our wine tastier and more exciting to drink and to enjoy!

Harpers Wine&Spirits




Marketing del vino


The funniest wine commercial

I have known this video for quite a long time but I never thought to share it with you, damn me! I don’t deny I am quite jealous of this commercial, I would have liked to have this idea first.

Paparazzi! (why Lambrusco…)

picture-1 We love to see the second youth of Italian sparkling wine, Prosecco and Lambrusco. Maybe Lambrusco stayed a bit on the back cause it used to have an awful reputation in the seventies as it was the most plagiarised wine of Italy. Truly Lambrusco comes exclusively form Emilia-Romagna, in the Italian North-East.

If you taste our Paparazzi, you understand why we have named our Lambrusco so. The colour is an intense raspberry and so is the smell. It really reminds every thing of the Dolce Vita, an age of decadent pleasure. It is sweet on the tongue and dry in the back, it is fizzy and funny. It is seductive. If you see for the first time a red wine bubbling, that is probably our Lambrusco.findawaytomyheart_web

Particularly we have chosen a variety of Lambrusco, the Grasparossa, which does not exceed in sweetness as excessive sweetness was the most common way to commercialize low quality Lambrusco (which does not mean that every sweet Lambrusco is low quality but that was one way to counterfeit it).

Party like a Roman

A few days ago we released the Time Travel campaign. Some people just loved it: I received emails saying: ‘keep rocking in the wine world’ or ‘I just love them’.
The point was doing something ironic and romantic. Can you see yourself in a lascivious Roman party? Or sipping a glass in a Parisian bar during the 19th century? We see wine as something inspiring in many ways, something linked to emotions and feeling. That is why we think that traditional wine images do not reflect the many spiritual sides of wine.

We are preparing next campaign for the end of May/beginning of June. Just a threat, it is will be much less romantic.


Vinitaly is over. After 5 days of showcasing some of the best Italian wines, I have noticed a general improvement of the attention to  design. Some labels were an excellent job indeed. They found an identity and gave the customer a reason to choose them among other thousand wines on the shelves (when you are in the supermarket you have to make a choice based on little information about the wines).

Though, it still lacks everything else. Wine is still just wine, no matter what the other drinks do. People still focus on showcasing pictures of grapes and vineyards, nothing linked to urban consumption. Nothing more daring, nothing a bit more exciting for a urban consumer who don’t see a vineyard that often in the city centre.

Is that possible that pictures of vineyards are still the only way to describe wine? Nothing else comes in the mind of these skilled winemakers? Maybe something a bit more ironic or creating. Nobody dares much in the wine industry.

Vinitaly, here we come!

Here we go, it is just a few days to the opening of Vinitaly (2-6 April), the most prestigious wine Italian fair. We are looking forward to it, we are looking forward to show how wine is not only good grapes (see homepage of Vinitaly) but also good fun.

For the special occasion we are preparing some new campaigns focused on contextualizing wine in the most evocative ages of history. Would you like a Roman banquet, here you go. Would you like to sip a glass in a 19th century Parisian bar? We got it.

Vinitaly will be the chance to show that wine can be so much more than a food pairing, it is a feeling pairing: that night spent talking with your friends, that afternoon chilling on the sofa with your partner or that weekend partying 24/7 with Madeinmilan wine. Mim your nights!

Then, see you at Vinitaly. If you look for me, here comes my photo ;-)

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Romeo and Juliet in a bar

Time Travel

Travel across the dissolute parties of the Roman Empire, through their lascivious customs and their powerful gods. Enter the decadent bars of Paris during the 19th century, where artists painted about their outrageous lives. This is about where and when Madeinmilan wine fits: what’s your match? On Madeinmilan website

The Tale of the corkscrew and the bottle

It is a story about the tender encounter between the Madeinmilan bottle and an audacious corkscrew. They are partners in crime, playing a game of seduction. Their words are as poignant as the corkscrews thrust, but their tone remains intimate.