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A bit about myself (and the Spark)

Today we talk a bit about me. Though I write in English and I am Italian, I live in Paris. To be 100% frank I ADORE Paris, so take my words about Paris cautiously.

Yesterday I participated to a very interesting video contest to get the chance to drive the new Chevrolet Spark in Athens. Sounds quite cool, doesn’t it? In the beginning they were looking just for journalists but I suppose it is much more fun to enlarge the competition to other people. So, to introduce myself, I will publish here the video we posted on the video contest.

I take it as an excuse to introduce me to you, after all, you have seen only my picture here.
It is about my girlfriend Gaia and me on a Skype video-call. We felt it was quite an original way to introduce ourselves. Wish us good, I wouldn’t mind to win!
PS. It is in French, sorry for who doesn’t speak French.
PS. 2 Sorry to who speaks French, mon petit accent is a bit thick…)


The Kitchn

Another post about our Roman Banquet, thank you The Kitchn!


Thanks to Springwise!



Quickly, just a big thanks to Harpers Wine & Spirits (in English – below), to Marketing del Vino (in Italian) and to gufugumu (in French, they already wrote about our campaigns here) for covering Madeinmilan over the last couple of weeks.
We appreciate it and we keep working on making our wine tastier and more exciting to drink and to enjoy!

Harpers Wine&Spirits




Marketing del vino


Flash mob

I just love flash mob advertising!

How to attract Facebook fans

About how people use Facebook, look at this Facebook page.


It means “we quit everything and we go to Bora Bora”, implicit “we open a bar at the beach”.

Almost half million fans is not bad, isn’t it (it is even in Italian, so the audience is far smaller)? Facebook works in a peculiar way, you don’t have to show necessarily what people admire to attract funs. You have to share everyday life dreams and feelings. Probably none of these fans will ever quit their job, family and friends and go to Bora Bora, even the creator of the page.

People look at these images and agree on a statement/share a feeling.

Too sad that wine would works by saying “we get pissed” (we do not want that, just not leave any room for doubt).

New wine advertising campaign: Madeinmilan renews!

Today we officially launch the advertising campaign “Don’t take Romeo and Juliet too seriously”.

The current campaign, “Don’t take Romeo and Juliet too seriously”, serves as proof of Madeinmilan universe of values. Take it with a sense of irony, have a good time with wine. It is not that serious, it is simply about fun. After all, wine is a gift (when the earth gives wine, that is a wonderful gift for which we are all grateful), and it should inspire a good laugh as well. On YouTube:

Why we have done it? Shakespeare is magic, but a bit old fashioned. What should Juliet say to an audacious Romeo? The modern Romeo is passionate, the modern Juliet conscious of her own charm, and she adores teasing him.
Straight from the sixteenth century, here comes a contemporary version of the best-known lovers of all time. Ladies and gentlemen, Romeo and Juliet as they would be today.


Seth Godin and permission marketing

I take inspiration from Seth Godin’s latest post: “Email campaign case studies (one good, one bad)”.

I read Seth every day, it has a prominent place in my iGoogle page. I do like his post, I like his style, he knows what he says. He gives enthusiasm. This time I am not sure I share his view.

From a generic point of view, sure, it is right: building a permission newsletter is far more efficient than spamming 100,000 people. Writing personal, targeted emails is more efficient than an anonymous ‘buy this’.

There is any middle way between spamming and building a targeted newsletter, list or whatever? I refer to specific cases (we do wine business so I will refer to wine): if a paper is specifically interested in wine and publishes the contact email, you are not allowed to spam, but it is fair to presume you can send a ‘anonymous’ press release about a wine business to target at least the vertical press. Seth, is he?

Seth Godin

Seth Godin

The Great Online Ad Slow Down

The Great Online Ad Slow Down is hitting everybody on the web, no doubt. It is an effect of the world economic crises but not only. Information online is underpaid which is a nice way to say that it is not paid at all. Almost always papers online don’t charge anything for the articles they publish, which is good for the users. However, this system requires high level of advertising which, sometimes, is just overpaid.

Personally I think the Great Online Ad Slow Down is a smaller scale dotcom bubble burst. As I have already written, the Internet is still very young and it is still adjusting to find better solutions and strategies. This is just a case. I don’t think that every content online will be for free but I think that users will pay very little (the Internet scale allows it to be VERY little, make sure it is, please!) to ensure the quality of the content. When I say, very little, I literally mean a few cents.

Where to go if you are a millionaire

Since the success of Myspace, social community sites have flourished. The most well known ones guarantee a free access for anybody.

Everybody knows SmallWorld does not. You must first get an invitation from another member to qualify. Recently, the world upper class can enjoy a new site to share passion and interests:

Here you gain access only if qualify for at least one of the following options:

1. You have a minimum household net worth of $3 million
2. You have a minimum annual household income of $300,000.
3. You have 5 other people who qualify tell Affluence that you are upper class enough to become a member of Affluence.

However, when you get in, you will ever miss a party again. And you will know what’s the bar to go tonight. Though, if you make that, you will probably be working the night of the party.

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Romeo and Juliet in a bar

Time Travel

Travel across the dissolute parties of the Roman Empire, through their lascivious customs and their powerful gods. Enter the decadent bars of Paris during the 19th century, where artists painted about their outrageous lives. This is about where and when Madeinmilan wine fits: what’s your match? On Madeinmilan website

The Tale of the corkscrew and the bottle

It is a story about the tender encounter between the Madeinmilan bottle and an audacious corkscrew. They are partners in crime, playing a game of seduction. Their words are as poignant as the corkscrews thrust, but their tone remains intimate.