What we do: WINE. Madeinmilan is an Italian wine label. Its portfolio is composed of excellent wines from northeast Italy and present them with a contemporary image and a touch of irony.

The heritage of Madeinmilan wines is one of the oldest traditions in the Italian wine industry, with roots going back to the Roman Empire. These low-calorie wines come from native Italian grape varieties: a masculine Sangiovese (named Brutus), a smooth and sweet Cagnina (Romeo), and a fizzy mischievous Lambrusco (Paparazzi).

The great tradition of the Italian wines is combined with a bright and eye-catching bottle design; the taste is fruity and easy to drink.

Indeed, not only Madeinmilan wines are an excellent pleasure to the palate, they also deliver a sleek image. The contemporary, eye-catching packaging and teasers are designed to inspire customers and drive them to a product that matches their personality.

How to match Madeinmilan wines: not only with food, please! Wine is so much more than an accompaniment for food. Please see the pairings section we offer. You will be inspired.

Why the name "Made in Milan": it is inspired by the expression "Made in Italy," which evokes the quality of the wine’s Italian origins and the stylish image Milan represents around the world.

Plus, it reminds people that wine is about having a good time!